Thursday, June 8, 2017

Beach days with old friends!!!

The majority of our friends who are still on island from when we lived here 6 years ago were traveling on the mainland when we moved back. I was giddy with excitement for the Weidas to get home and have the kiddos meet (again!) Hailey remembers Brooke but considering Brooke and Kailee weren't even two when we left, I had to promise the kids that they'd have instant friends when we moved from Missouri! :) And I was excited to meet Makenzie and Allie and likewise have them meet Luke and Whitney!!!  Needless to say, they were one big happy family again! 
 They took over KoOlina and set up camp! 
Getting back in touch with her local roots!

 Brooke and Kailee ages 23 months and 20 months and now at 8 years (well, almost 8 for Kai)

We also linked up with most of the rest of the gang that's still on island (minus Jaimi and her 3 kids) at Bellows for the Hawaiian holiday, Admissions Day. 
Sadie and Whitney

 A momma chicken was parading her chicks around begging for food!

Chicken whisperer
So gorgeous on that side of the island!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Our new family members

The girls had been talking about getting guinea pigs once we arrived in Hawaii and were settled. After lots of research and hunting around the island, they found their new babies!
Meet Donut
And Sprinkles
They are very sweet and cuddly and lots of fun! 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Random July and August

Still plugging away even though I feel like I'll never catch up!!!!
Checking out the new pool for the first's pretty awesome!

Visiting with our old neighbors from the Makakilo house (and finally getting to meet their two kids!)
Jaxen, Jakob, and Luke
Facetiming with Cody
Leevi scratched an itch and bought a 70" TV that he's been eyeing for years!
Checking out our first neighborhood event, "Eat the Street"

Leevi took the big kids to a movie and Whitney and I snuck away for a trip to Target...she was pretty squirmy and definitely crushed my dreams of casually wandering the Target aisles while the kids were at school.

The avocado tree was dropping 10 plus avocados a day while we were still in the hotel but we'd gather some for the hotel staff!
Baby gates were the first things that needed to be done in the house before we could dive into the boxes!!! 
Sweet boy collecting flowers for the girls after school!
Catalina and Hailey
Luke's room slowly coming together
Big helper
We were excited that we were back on island before the Haiders came for their summer vacation!
I wish I could have sat there and snuggled her her whole nap but those boxes were looming!!!!

Box fun!
I took a break from unpacking and took the kids down to the end of summer luau at the beach and let Leevi get in some solid interrupted unpacking.

Photobooth fun!

Getting the toy area set up first is a priority to keep them occupied!
Trying to block her from the kitchen so I could work!
Yay for a room being done!!!  Leevi built and stained those shelves

Guacamole for dayssssssssssssssss
Kailee and Isadora hit it off immediately!
We gave the girls the master bedroom with the tiny bathroom!
High five Whitney Emma for sleeping thru the night for the first time shortly after we got settled!!!!
More awesome shelves in the upstairs bathroom!
Dining area minus our table from Germany (Leevi found a temp one at the NEX for a steal of a price)  Our table and couch didn't make it in the shipment but THANKFULLY was found in a warehouse about a month or two later!!!

Farmer's Market and food trucks are in our neighborhood every Wednesday

The other side of our court is a big field leading to the park and splash pad

This area has changed a lot since we've moved in this was how it started

My sister-in-law Megan's sister got married in Hawaii in August and Isaiah and Megan flew out here for the wedding and we were able to join them!

It was a small ceremony on the beach in Waimanalo and the kids had an awesome time at the reception.

Jimmie is the daughter of the new groom and hit it off with the girls and even came over for a sleepover one night during the week that they were here.