Thursday, June 8, 2017

Beach days with old friends!!!

The majority of our friends who are still on island from when we lived here 6 years ago were traveling on the mainland when we moved back. I was giddy with excitement for the Weidas to get home and have the kiddos meet (again!) Hailey remembers Brooke but considering Brooke and Kailee weren't even two when we left, I had to promise the kids that they'd have instant friends when we moved from Missouri! :) And I was excited to meet Makenzie and Allie and likewise have them meet Luke and Whitney!!!  Needless to say, they were one big happy family again! 
 They took over KoOlina and set up camp! 
Getting back in touch with her local roots!

 Brooke and Kailee ages 23 months and 20 months and now at 8 years (well, almost 8 for Kai)

We also linked up with most of the rest of the gang that's still on island (minus Jaimi and her 3 kids) at Bellows for the Hawaiian holiday, Admissions Day. 
Sadie and Whitney

 A momma chicken was parading her chicks around begging for food!

Chicken whisperer
So gorgeous on that side of the island!

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